Revive Your Demagnetized Key Fob – A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine the frustration when you press the button on your key fob, but your car remains motionless. A demagnetized key fob is a common culprit behind such scenarios. Fear not, as we delve into the realm of key fobs, empowering you with an arsenal of solutions to restore their functionality and ensure seamless entry to your vehicle.

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Key fobs, the unsung heroes of modern convenience, rely on a tiny chip embedded within them to communicate with your car’s receiver. This chip contains a unique code that authorizes access to your vehicle. However, external magnetic fields, such as those emitted by strong magnets or certain electronic devices, can disrupt the chip’s delicate internal structure, rendering it inert.

Addressing the Demagnetization Dilemma

Before embarking on any repair attempts, it’s crucial to confirm that your key fob is indeed demagnetized. Insert the key manually into the car’s lock and turn it. If the car responds, your key fob is likely demagnetized and needs attention.

Method 1: The Magnetic Field Neutralizer

The most straightforward solution involves using a magnetic field neutralizer, a device specifically designed to demagnetize objects. These neutralizers are readily available online or at hardware stores. Simply place the key fob inside the neutralizer and follow the instructions provided. This method effectively resets the key fob’s chip, often restoring its functionality.

Method 2: The Gradual Demagnetization Approach

If you don’t have access to a magnetic field neutralizer, you can try a more gradual approach. Wrap the key fob in aluminum foil, ensuring it’s completely covered. Place the wrapped key fob in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The gradual change in temperature and the magnetic field within the refrigerator can help realign the disrupted magnetic field in your key fob.

How to Fix a Demagnetized Key Fob: Quick Guide

Method 3: The Smartphone Savior

In a pinch, your smartphone can come to the rescue. Place your demagnetized key fob next to your smartphone’s speaker. Play a video or music with a strong bassline at a high volume for several minutes. The magnetic field generated by the speaker’s vibrations can sometimes restore the key fob’s functionality.

Expert Insights: The Long-Term Solution

To minimize the risk of future demagnetization, experts recommend storing your key fobs away from potential magnetic sources. Avoid leaving them near magnets, smartphones, or other electronic devices that emit strong magnetic fields. Additionally, invest in a protective key fob case to shield it from accidental exposure to magnetic forces.

How To Fix A Demagnetized Key Fob


Demagnetized key fobs are a common inconvenience, but they can be easily fixed with the right approach. Whether you opt for a magnetic field neutralizer, a gradual demagnetization technique, or an innovative smartphone solution, you can restore your key fob’s functionality, ensuring effortless access to your vehicle. Remember, prevention is key, so take the necessary precautions to shield your key fob from future demagnetization occurrences.

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