How To Get A Replacement Driver’S License In Virginia

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How to Secure a Replacement Driver’s License in Virginia

Losing your driver’s license can be a stressful experience, but obtaining a replacement in Virginia is a relatively straightforward process. Whether you’ve misplaced your license, had it stolen, or it has simply expired, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary steps and information to ensure a smooth and efficient replacement process.

Missing your driver’s license can lead to various inconveniences and even legal penalties. It’s essential to act promptly to minimize disruptions and maintain legal compliance. This guide will empower you with the knowledge and preparation you need to navigate the replacement process confidently and minimize any potential roadblocks.

Obtaining a Duplicate License

If your driver’s license has been lost or stolen, you will need to obtain a duplicate. The process involves:

  • Completing the DL-11 Form: Visit the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or obtain a physical form from a DMV office. Fill out the form with accurate and complete information.
  • Providing Proof of Identity: Bring original or certified copies of documents that verify your identity, such as a passport, birth certificate, or Social Security card.
  • Paying the Fee: The duplicate license fee is $10. You can pay by cash, check, or money order.

Once you have submitted the required documents and payment, you will receive a temporary driver’s license that is valid for 45 days. Your permanent replacement license will be mailed to the address on your application within 10-14 business days.

Renewing an Expired License

If your driver’s license has expired, you need to renew it to maintain its validity. The renewal process entails:

  • Completing the DL-7 Form: Obtain the form online or at a DMV office. Accurately fill out the application with current information.
  • Passing a Vision Test: You must pass a vision test to ensure you meet the minimum visual acuity requirements for driving.
  • Paying the Fee: The renewal fee varies depending on the validity period you choose (4, 8, or 12 years). Fees can be paid by cash, check, or money order.

Once your application and payment have been processed, you will receive a temporary driver’s license that is valid for 45 days. Your permanent replacement license will be mailed to the address on your application within 10-14 business days.

Additional Tips and Expert Advice

  • Applying Online: You can apply for a duplicate or renewed driver’s license online through the DMV website. However, you will need to visit a DMV office to provide your original documents and complete the vision test for a renewal.
  • Expedited Processing: Expedited processing is available for an additional fee, allowing you to receive your replacement license sooner. However, expedited processing is only available for duplicate licenses, not renewals.
  • Contacting the DMV: If you have any questions or encounter issues during the replacement process, do not hesitate to contact the DMV by phone or through their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for a replacement license even if my previous license was from another state?

A: Yes, you can apply for a replacement Virginia driver’s license even if your previous license was issued by another state. However, you will need to surrender your out-of-state license and provide proof of your Virginia residency.

Q: What if my license was lost or stolen outside of Virginia?

A: The replacement process is the same regardless of where your license was lost or stolen. You should still contact the Virginia DMV to report the incident and apply for a replacement.

Q: Can I drive with a temporary license?

A: Yes, the temporary license you receive during the replacement process is valid for 45 days and allows you to drive legally.


Obtaining a replacement driver’s license in Virginia is a straightforward process that can be completed quickly and efficiently. By following the steps outlined in this guide, preparing the necessary documents, and utilizing the available resources, you can ensure a smooth replacement experience.

Remember, a valid driver’s license is not only a legal requirement but also a valuable form of identification. Maintain its validity by renewing it promptly and reporting any loss or theft to the DMV immediately.

Are you interested in learning more about driver’s licenses in Virginia? Visit the DMV website or contact their customer service team for further information and assistance.

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