Can I Take An Electric Breast Pump On A Plane

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Can I Take an Electric Breast Pump on a Plane?

As a new mom, navigating travel with an electric breast pump can be a daunting task. With all the security regulations and potential hassles, it’s essential to know your rights and the best practices for transporting your breast pump on a plane. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you pack, transport, and use your electric breast pump with ease.

Before embarking on your journey, check the specific guidelines of the airline you’re flying with. Most major airlines allow electric breast pumps as carry-on items, but there are exceptions. Always pack your breast pump in its original case or a sturdy carry-on bag for protection.

Security Screening

When going through security, declare your electric breast pump to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent. They will ask you to remove the pump from its case for inspection. It’s advisable to have it easily accessible in your carry-on bag.

The TSA may choose to swab the breast pump for explosives. If you prefer, request a private screening room, especially if you need to demonstrate how to use the pump. Remember, you have the right to decline a physical inspection of your breast pump.

Using Your Breast Pump on the Plane

Most airlines allow passengers to use electric breast pumps during the flight if necessary. However, it’s always polite to be mindful of other passengers and choose an appropriate time and location. Look for a secluded area like the back of the plane or use the restroom if available.

Follow these tips for using your electric breast pump on the plane:

  1. Inform the flight attendant of your intention to use the pump to ensure no conflicts with cabin announcements.
  2. Bring a privacy cover or blanket to create a discreet space if needed.
  3. Use headphones to minimize noise disturbance to others.
  4. Clean and sanitize your breast pump components before and after each use.

General FAQ

Q: Can I carry extra breast milk in my carry-on?

A: Yes, you can bring breast milk in your carry-on, but it must follow the TSA’s liquid regulations. Store breast milk in containers less than 3.4 ounces and declare it to the TSA agent for screening.

Q: What if my electric breast pump is prohibited or confiscated?

A: If this happens, request a supervisor or call the airline’s customer service number. Explain your situation and ask if you can make alternate arrangements for transporting your breast pump.


Traveling with an electric breast pump can be manageable with the right preparation and knowledge. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Remember, your right to breastfeed and pump includes transporting your breast pump. So, pack it confidently and prioritize your health and well-being.

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