What Level Does Axew Evolve In Pokemon Sword And Shield

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What Level Does Axew Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

As a Pokemon trainer, embarking on a journey through the Galar region, you might encounter the adorable Axew, a Dragon-type Pokemon. Eager to witness its evolution, you might wonder at which level this transformation takes place. Delve into this comprehensive guide as we unlock the secrets of Axew’s evolutionary path in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The anticipation builds as you nurture your Axew, eager to witness its transformation into a formidable warrior. The path to evolution unfolds at a specific level, a threshold that must be reached before Axew can shed its current form and embrace its destiny.

Unveiling Axew’s Evolutionary Milestone

As you traverse the lands of Galar, engage in battles, and earn experience points, Axew steadily progresses towards its metamorphosis. The pivotal moment arrives at level 38. At this juncture, Axew sheds its previous form and emerges as the majestic Fraxure.

Fraxure, with its towering height and formidable presence, embodies the power of the Dragon-type. Its scales shimmer with an ethereal glow, and its piercing gaze conveys a potent determination. This evolution marks a significant milestone in Axew’s journey, unlocking new abilities and enhancing its combat prowess.

Nurturing Axew’s Evolution

To facilitate Axew’s evolution, provide ample opportunities for it to participate in battles. Each battle grants experience points, gradually filling the progress bar towards level 38. Additionally, consider utilizing Experience Candies or Rare Candies to accelerate Axew’s growth.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, certain areas offer increased experience point yield. Engage in battles within these zones to expedite Axew’s evolutionary process. Notable locations include the Lake of Outrage, Glimwood Tangle, and the Wild Area’s Dusty Bowl.

The Significance of Axew’s Evolution

Axew’s evolution into Fraxure holds immense significance in your journey through Galar. Fraxure possesses enhanced stats, enabling it to withstand more damage and inflict greater devastation upon opponents. Its move pool expands, granting access to formidable Dragon-type attacks such as Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse.

Moreover, Fraxure’s evolution symbolizes a deeper bond between trainer and Pokemon. As you witness Axew’s transformation, a sense of accomplishment and pride washes over you, solidifying your partnership. This moment serves as a testament to the dedication and care you have invested in your Pokemon’s growth.

Tips for a Smooth Evolutionary Journey

To ensure a seamless evolutionary journey for your Axew, consider the following expert advice:

  • Engage in frequent battles: Engage in battles as often as possible to accumulate experience points and accelerate Axew’s growth.
  • Utilize Experience Candies: Supplement battles with Experience Candies to provide a direct boost to Axew’s experience level.
  • Explore high-yield zones: Battle in areas with increased experience point yield, such as the Lake of Outrage and the Wild Area’s Dusty Bowl.
  • Stay patient and persistent: Evolution takes time and effort. Stay patient and persistent in your training, and Axew will eventually reach the required level to evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what level does Fraxure evolve into Haxorus?

A: Fraxure evolves into Haxorus at level 48.

Q: Can Axew evolve through trading?

A: No, Axew cannot evolve through trading. It must reach level 38 to evolve into Fraxure.

Q: What is Axew’s signature move?

A: Axew’s signature move is Dragon Rage, a powerful Dragon-type attack that deals consistent damage regardless of the target’s stats.


The journey of Axew’s evolution is a tale of growth, determination, and the unbreakable bond between trainer and Pokemon. As you witness Axew’s transformation into the formidable Fraxure, a sense of pride and accomplishment washes over you.

Calling all Pokemon enthusiasts! Embark on a quest to evolve your Axew and discover the boundless possibilities that await you in the Galar region. Engage in battles, explore high-yield zones, and stay dedicated to your Pokemon’s growth. The unwavering bond you forge with Axew will culminate in a moment of triumph as it emerges in its evolved form, ready to conquer new challenges alongside you.

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